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The power of aromatherapy - curated without compromise

A lesson in Lavender June 20th

Field of 2 year old MailletteThere are dozens of different types of Lavender, each with a different chemistry, scent and therapeutic potential. People generally think that Lavender is Lavender is Lavender, but nothing could be further from the truth. The majority of folk who go into a store to buy a bottle of Lavender essential [...]

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Arriving in France June 19th

We arrive at our destination in the French department of Drome late in the night having driven around Geneva looking for a way out, and then negotiating rain and cloud as we headed south. Getting up the next day we enjoyed a typical French breakfast of coffee, croissants, toast and homemade preserves, made special by [...]

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Leaving Croatia to fly to Geneva June 18th

We timed our visit perfectly to Croatia to coincide with the helichrysum harvest – almost too perfectly, as many of the people we wanted to spend time with were entirely taken up with making the most of the days allotted by the Croatian authorities for the collection of this healing herb. Nevertheless, we made new [...]

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An unforgettable day with the Sladic family June 17th

The standout experience of our happy visit to Croatia came on our last day. We were grateful to the whole family Sladic for inviting us into their lives during the busiest weeks of their year.In Croatia, the helichrysum that is distilled for its essential oil is collected from the wild, and management of this valuable [...]

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A cure for sore feet and a tired mind June 16th

Returning to our sanctuary in Split after a day of exploration, we take out a small bundle of the aromatic herbs we collected that day. Please understand that under normal circumstances I do not condone the collecting of wildflowers. Today however I made an exception, being careful to only take small amounts of plants that [...]

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A trip to the island of Hvar June 15th

Taking the ferry to Hvar, one of the largest islands on the south Dalmatian coast, we arrived in Stari Grad town and picked up a car to explore the island. Leaving town we took the tiny, winding road in the direction of Velo Grablje and were soon rewarded with the site of banks of wild [...]

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Arriving on the Dalmatian coast June 14th

Arriving by boat in the port of Split at 7am on Saturday, it is immediately clear that we are in a Mediterranean town. The Green Market is full of stalls piled high with the most gorgeous fruits and berries, figs, honey and cheeses. It is also clear the herbal healing is still central to the [...]

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A brief transit through Italy June 13th

To get to our next destination, Split, Croatia, we are flying to Milan, Italy and taking the high speed train to Ancona on the coast, before embarking on the night ferry that will carry us across the Adriatic Sea to the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. The Mediterranean climate here favors all kinds of aromatic plants, and essential oils of lavender, sage [...]

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Uniquely Bulgarian spa experience in Sofia June 12th

Moving from the countryside to the capital Sofia in preparation for our early morning departure to Milan, Italy we decided that some spa time was in order. We were fortunate to be able to book sessions with Dani Krachmarov at the Ecomaat Academy. An adept spa therapist and lead educator for Ecomaat since 12 years, we were excited to [...]

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A botanical excursion in the hills above Etropol June 11th.

Having delivered our graphic designer Anu to Sofia airport for her return to Germany, we decided to take the long, scenic route home. Driving into the Central Balkans Reserve, we passed through the town of Etropol. We were struck by the degree of deprivation and decay in the town, and the stark contrast between its dilapidated apartment blocks and the stunning natural [...]

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