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The power of aromatherapy - curated without compromise

Uniquely Bulgarian spa experience in Sofia June 12th

Moving from the countryside to the capital Sofia in preparation for our early morning departure to Milan, Italy we decided that some spa time was in order. We were fortunate to be able to book sessions with Dani Krachmarov at the Ecomaat Academy. An adept spa therapist and lead educator for Ecomaat since 12 years, we were excited to [...]

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A botanical excursion in the hills above Etropol June 11th.

Having delivered our graphic designer Anu to Sofia airport for her return to Germany, we decided to take the long, scenic route home. Driving into the Central Balkans Reserve, we passed through the town of Etropol. We were struck by the degree of deprivation and decay in the town, and the stark contrast between its dilapidated apartment blocks and the stunning natural [...]

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Back at the distillery to see the distillation process

Returning to the distillery after lunch, we find Atanas and his father, a skilled engineer, at work tending the massive stills. In Bulgaria, roses are traditionally distilled in a two-step process, using a combination of hydro- and steam distilling. The deceptively simple recipe is 300 kilos of roses in one and a half tons of [...]

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With the rose harvesters June 10th 9am

Returning to the fields at around 9am, we found a dozen pickers busy at work. The warming morning sun had already dried the dew from the flowers and they were opening their faces to the sky. The heady scent of roses was all around and I got a lesson in rose picking from an expert. Retreating [...]

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In the rose fields June 10th 6.30am

Jumping out of bed at 6am, we headed out for our first site of the rose harvest. Expecting the pickers to be already at work we were surprised to find ourselves alone in a dewy, misty morning landscape.  Walking between the rows of rose bushes, we could see some of the challenges of growing the organic [...]

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Afternoon hike outside of the village of Mirkovo June 9th

To stop ourselves falling asleep on the afternoon of our first day we decided to walk. An idyllic path winding beside a small river led us up the hill outside the village. We were soon rewarded with a super abundance of wildflowers that had me in raptures. Check out these pictures of wild thyme (which [...]

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At the rose distillery June 9th

Our initial visit to the rose distillery turned up a few wonderful surprises; but first some background. Atanas Krachmarov runs Southern Europe’s most technically advanced distilling facility, as well as being dedicated to organic farming and production methods. His family owned facility was opened in 2001 with the aim of growing and distilling rose and lavender essential oils. The addition [...]

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The journey to Europe - June 8th

On board American Airlines flight from Chicago to London - June 8th 10am localOur journey got off to an inauspicious start after our flight from Chicago to London was delayed by five hours, causing us to miss our connecting flight to Sofia. One of our companions on the drive to the airport in Phoenix quoted [...]

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​The Barefoot Botanist’s Aromatic Odyssey

I’m pleased to announce that the Barefoot Botanist (that’s me) will embark on a 20-day “aromatic odyssey” on June 8.” The goal of the journey is to celebrate my botanical roots and network of artisanal and co-operative farmers and distillers across Europe.This very personal journey will take us to some of the farms we use to source the wonderful oils that [...]

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Chakra Balancing Treatments Gaining Popularity

Our spa partners discerning clientele are requesting treatments can go beyond the traditional rub-down. Integrating energy work and “chakra balancing” into spa treatments is popular with resort guests who want to take things to the next level. Energy healing can take many forms in a spa – Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, healing with flower essences and gemstones and, of course, aromatherapy.The seven [...]

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