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The power of aromatherapy - curated without compromise

Aromatherapy Essentials for the Home

Essential oils are safe and effective for multiple uses around the home. Turn everyday tasks into therapeutic experiences by integrating aromatherapy into your cleaning, healthcare, and even culinary routines. The role of the chemical compounds found in essential oils is to protect the plant from invading organisms and microbes, help it heal from wounds; and carry nutrients to the plant cells. It’s no surprise they work so well for humans!

Aromatherapy in the Medicine Cabinet

Old standbys like arnica, magnesium and camphor are healing essentials every aspiring alchemist stocks in the medicine cabinet. Think arnica for bruising and sore muscles, magnesium for muscle cramping and camphor for cooling and pain relief.

Body Bliss has a range of lotions and potions for anything that ails.

Arnica is THE powerhouse for bruising and muscle strain. Stock up on Turquoise Sage Mountain Arnica Body Oil, with lavender and organic white sage oil from California, or I Play Wintergreen Arnica Salve, a potent CO2 extract of arnica flower and essential oils of immortelle, organic clove and peppermint.

Ocean Dew Trans Dermal Magnesium Gel is always one of our best sellers. Likened to a spot Epsom salt bath, high concentrations of magnesium join aloe vera, red marine algae extracts and a delicious blend of organic essential oils of rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, juniper and thyme.

Need an on-the-go pain reliever to slip in your gym bag? Try Magnesium Muscle Oil from our Pocket Therapies or Arnica Tumeric Joint Formula with CO2 extracts of ginger, arnica, frankincense and turmeric to provide a sense of warmth.

Aromatherapy to Clean and Deodorize

Instead of cleaning counters, floors, and furniture with toxic chemicals, try essential oils that truly detox your home by fighting bacteria, fungus, and viruses naturally.

Lavender is a multi-purpose cleaner’s dream because of its inherent anti-septic and anti-bacterial qualities. Use lemon essential oils to create cleaning sprays, add them to diffusers to purify the air, or included them in a load of laundry to prevent mildew. Lemon can even help with your seasonal allergies by opening up your airways with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Lavender & Blue Chamomile Hand Soap, a mild foaming cleanser made from 100% natural, renewable raw materials, is enriched with essential oils of organic Lavender and Blue Chamomile and may also be used as a body wash in the bath or shower.

In the Pantry

Cooking with essential oils is an exciting, innovative art to hit the culinary scene. French physician Daniel Penoel M.D., a pioneer in the field of aromatherapy, recommends the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils in food preparation, to purify the body, enhance the immune system and generate endorphins (mood-elevators). In the U.S.A., Dr. Phillip Minton claims that eating pure essential oils can improve circulation, oxygenation and protect against heart disease, dementia and cancer. Not to mention the taste is fantastic! Always be sure to do your homework as to which essential oils are suitable for ingestion and in what quanities.

We recommend you start simply, like this recipe for lemon essential oil yogurt we shared on our Facebook Page.

Have an essential oil recipe to share or Body Bliss product you can’t do without? We want to hear from you!

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